Spanish blog Gayumbos recently posted a fantastic...

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Spanish blog Gayumbos recently posted a fantastic English-language interview with Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)! The charming conversation covers Kaz’s taste in comics, museums, and underwear, and his creative process.

Kaz also had some interesting things to say about how his perspective as a writer has changed since he began making manga 20 years ago:

[…] When you’re young, you tend to be very intolerant to the others, you can’t forgive. When you reach certain age, you become more kind, more easy-going. You have made mistakes and learned from them, so you understand that the others can make mistakes too. This adds another dimension to my characters.

Read “Kazuhide Ichikawa: Bears, Peanuts, Edo Museums and Growing Old” at Gayumbos!