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Japanese gay magazine さぶ Sabu, Early Spring Extra Issue, 1988. It is subtitled as Comics and Novels special issue.

The magazine opens with my very early comics 深夜営業 Midnight Business. I’ve never put this era’s my works into my comic book cause it’s too immature and the quality is very poor.

Oh, now I remember one thing! You can see the small handwriting texts on left-bottom of second photo, “Many thanks for Mr. C”. When I draw this manga, I was a company employee and was working as an art director, and Mr. C was my boss. He was a straight guy, but was very interested in me to know that I’m a gay (on this era, openly gay man as me was very rare in Japan). And he also had a curious that I was publishing some erotic work on gay magazine as my side business, so he wanted to write the synopsis of my gay comics! Then, this manga was drawn based on his idea, and I wrote “Thank you” message to him. ;)

Sabu (さぶ) magazine, Spring 1988 
Includes the manga Midnight Business (深夜営業) 
by Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎)

Very early work from Tagame! I wonder if “Mr. C” is still following his career.