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I haven’t drawn this type of character for a while. So, I drew it. Just a typical Japanese family guy you see on a commuting train everyday. Cute.



Kazuhide Ichikawa (KAZ) homepage, http://ichikawado.net/

Cute business daddy! Pick up Ichikawa-sensei’s new doujin Ex-Fighter Buddy and his kemono series Animal Synchronicity at MASSIVE.

Akira the Tiger Boxer BriefsAnimal Synchronicity 4...

Akira the Tiger Boxer Briefs
Animal Synchronicity 4 (アニマルシンクロニシティ04), 2015
and Ex-Fighter Buddy (元格闘家のダチ), 2015
Doujinshi and underwear by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

A bunch of new imports from KAZ are in stock at MASSIVE! Now you can wear Akira, the suave, muscled, tiger kemono character right on your butt! Sorry, bigger people, these adorable boxer briefs were only made in sizes M and L.  

The latest in manga maestro Kazuhide Ichikawa’s feral tome, Animal Synchronicity is finally out! Check out the new installment of the hit series by our favorite gachi-kemono auteur.

In Volume 4, the blissful post-experimentation lives of Akira and Shigeru are turned upside down with Akira shows strange signs of delirium. Why does he keep dreaming of this man Noboru? Who the heck is he? And why does this Noboru keep dreaming of Takumi? Where do these memories come from? Why do these unfamiliar people all converge in dream memories?  Will these bewildering memories created by the Synchronicity Event manifest themselves… in reality?

We’ve also restocked the formerly out of print Animal Synchronicity issues #1-3. Get the whole set at a discounted price!

And don’t miss Ichikawa’s newest manga story, Ex-Fighter Buddy:

Ex-Fighter Shingen returns home a broken man. Once upon a time he was a world-renown boxer, but after a career-ending injury and a divorce, he loses everything and crawls back to his hometown, tail between his legs.

One night drunk, he runs into Takuma, an old “friend.” Takuma jokes that Shingen couldn’t stay away from him for long, and the ex-fighter can’t deny it. Perhaps this is how he reclaims his dignity.

All are available now at MASSIVE, along with Gengoroh Tagame’s much-anticipated new manga, My Brother’s Husband

Animal Synchronicity 3 (アニマル・シンクロニシティ 3), 2014Doujinshi by...

Animal Synchronicity 3 (アニマル・シンクロニシティ 3), 2014
Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

The third installment of Kaz’s human-kemono (furry) love story begins with Akira the tiger’s reunion with his man Shigeru after suffering from amnesia in the previous issue. We also delve into Goro the bear’s rowdy relationship with Takumi, and the Delivery Bears make a cameo.

Page Count: 24 pages 
Dimensions: 7.17" x 10.12" 
Language: Japanese 
Release Date: August 16, 2014 
Publisher: Ichikawado 
Adult Content 18+

Imported directly from the author. Available now at MASSIVE!

Announcing MASSIVE’s Halloween Sale! Ooh, these deals are...

Announcing MASSIVE’s Halloween Sale! Ooh, these deals are spoooky!

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bara-detectives: My boyfriend and I’s Gay Manga collection (from...


My boyfriend and I’s Gay Manga collection (from over the years). 

4. Kazuhide Ichikawa. 

All of these were purchased from Rainbow Shoppers. Our favorite one is “Fire Code”. 

Epic Kaz Ichikawa (市川和秀) collection!!