gaymanga: Two new imports from Inu Yoshi (犬羲) are in stock at...


Two new imports from Inu Yoshi (犬羲) are in stock at MASSIVE!

INUYOSHI Art Collection 2011-2015:

The INUYOSHI Art Collection includes 59 illustrations, mainly full-color, that Inu Yoshi selected from his work between 2011-2015. This is the artist and mangaka’s first collection of pencil-work (the coloring is done digitally).

Some of the work in this collection originally appeared in the annual desk calendars the artist draws for Tokyo-based retailer BIGGYM.


Kandagawa-kun Volume #2:

Our plucky protagonist Masamitsu and his macho robot house-helper, Kandagawa-kun, get into mischief in this erotic sci-fi manga series. In Volume 2, Masamitsu is trying to get over his ex, Takuya, and meets a new guy on a dating app. What will happen, though, when he brings the new guy over to his house for the first time and has to confront Kandagawa-kun?