Cover and pages from The Adventures of Kamejiro (太田亀治朗物語), 2013...

Cover and pages from The Adventures of Kamejiro (太田亀治朗物語), 2013 
Doujinishi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

Hooray, brand new manga from KAZ! Via Ichikawa’s Pixiv:

My new dojinshi available at C84, “Ota Kamejiro Monogatari” (The Adventures of Kamejiro). A security guy at a construction site, Kamejiro. One day the site supervisor, Sugimoto, came to him with a gay porn DVD. “You must be the guy in this video!”, says Sugimoto. Now Sugimoto is thinking Kamejiro is his dream guy. Oh no! 52 y.o. security guy, Kamejiro’s adventures start from here…

If the samples above are any indication, Kamejiro’s adventures will be loads of fun! The Adventures of Kamejiro makes its world debut this Sunday at Comiket 84. If you’re lucky enough to be attending, find Ichikawa-san and pick up a copy! He’s also debuting the print edition of “Animal Synchronicity 1”!

Cover and excerpts from Boss, 2013 Doujinshi by Moritake (モリタケ)...

Cover and excerpts from Boss, 2013 
Doujinshi by Moritake (モリタケ)

Moritake’s vibrant new full-color doujinshi about “sex with a married straight manager” debuts at Comiket 84, taking place August 10-12.