Stephen Stills (スティーブン・スティルズ), 2014 Doujinshi by Noda Gaku...

Stephen Stills (スティーブン・スティルズ), 2014 
Doujinshi by Noda Gaku (NODAガク)

It’s finally here! Noda Gaku’s outstanding Scott Pilgrim fan fiction fleshes out the love story of Sex Bob-omb guitarist Stephen Stills and his boyfriend, Joseph. Full of manic sex, hilarious gags, and (in true Bryan Lee O'Malley fashion) video game iconography, Stephen Stills is a fun-filled X-rated romp through the fantastical world of Scott Pilgrim’s Toronto, Canada.

Now available at MASSIVE! Limited stock. Imported directly from the author.

P.E. Teacher (体育教師) Complete Edition, 2014 Manga by Senkan Komomo...

P.E. Teacher (体育教師) Complete Edition, 2014 
Manga by Senkan Komomo (戦艦コモモ)

A handful of copies of Senkan Komomo’s BDSM-themed P.E. Teacher will be available at MASSIVE’s table this weekend at the LA Art Book Fair!

The Ramen Master (ラーメン屋稼業)Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)...

The Ramen Master (ラーメン屋稼業)
Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

Ramen Ryuseiken is a locals only ramen stand in a bustling Tokyo neighborhood where regulars tell their mundane woes over delicious bowls of noodles. One night, Kimi (a local gay bar “mama-san”) preaches the virtues of anal sex to an incredulous group of straight regulars, including construction foreman Shige, depressed from having recently been left by his wife. Shige can’t seem to get it up, least of all for another man, but it’s a special kind of night, and the ramen master has a master piece just for him.

This extra-long doujinshi premiered at winter Comiket and features some of Kaz’s best full-body tattoo work to date! 

Page Count: 36 pages 
Dimensions: 7.17" x 10.12" 
Language: Japanese 
Release Date: December 28, 2014
Publisher: Ichikawado
Adult Content 18+

Imported directly from the author.

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Between the Pine #3 (松花堂), 2014 Doujinshi by Takeshi Matsu (松武)...

Between the Pine #3 (松花堂), 2014 
Doujinshi by Takeshi Matsu (松武) & Tsukasa Matsuzaki (松崎司)

The third issue of Between the Pine, the latest collaborative series by pine-y mangaka duo Matsu and Matsuzaki, was released at the most recent Comiket. The theme of this issue’s one-shot story is “train molester false accusations” (電車・痴漢・えん罪). It seems they can lead to all kinds of fun!

Page Count: 16 pages 
Dimensions: 7.17" x 10.12" 
Language: Japanese 
Release Date: August 15, 2014 
Publisher: Takeshi Matsu & Tsukasa Matsuzaki

Available now at MASSIVE.

New Japanese-language manga imports are now available at MASSIVE!...

New Japanese-language manga imports are now available at MASSIVE!

More peeks inside the new books to be posted shortly! After debuting these titles at NYABF, we only have 2-4 copies remaining of each. Act fast!