We’re marching against gender discrimination.We’re bleeding for...

We’re marching against gender discrimination.
We’re bleeding for you.

Free Manko. Forever.

Pre-sales ongoing now for the Rokudenashiko-inspired Manko Riot Tee (Black and White and Pink and White) and Patches. Join the march for women in D.C. or your nearest affiliate city, and show the world what a MASSIVE PUSSY looks like! 

*Proceeds benefit organizations supporting the rights those facing oppression based on gender.

MASSIVE PUSSYOn Jan 20, America ceremonially accepts a fate...


On Jan 20, America ceremonially accepts a fate accelerated to war by a new presidency, and on Jan 21 we stage a loud refusal. 

What MASSIVE does might not amount to a whole lot in the context of what feels like insurmountable piles of bullshit, but we feel compelled to action, and we do what we can, and what we do is make things. These designs by manko emancipator Rokoudenashiko will be used as a fundraising and awareness vehicle in conjunction with the Million Women’s March in D.C. next month, which we’re proud to participate in and support. Proceeds will benefit charities that support the rights of all people identifying as women, for all orphans of gender.

We’ll be announcing pre-orders for T-shirts and patches soon, but please let us know if you’re interested in local distribution. You can contact us via gmail: massive-dot-merch.