Sketch by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Sketch by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Sketch by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Sketch by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Work Picture 17 (仕事絵17) Illustration for a novel by Terujirou...

Work Picture 17 (仕事絵17) 
Illustration for a novel
by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Le Bara Ça N'Existe Pas, 2014Anthology by Fabrissou and Edo...

Le Bara Ça N'Existe Pas, 2014
Anthology by Fabrissou and Edo

Fabrissou generously sent me review copies of both the French and Japanese editions of his excellent anthology a while back, and I’ve been absurdly delinquent in putting a post together. Forgive me, Fabrissou! Finally I found time to photograph these wonderful books over the weekend. 

Le Bara Ça N'Existe Pas is a fabulous French-language introduction to contemporary gay manga, comprised of illustrations and interviews with 29 mangaka. The line-up includes many of our favorites– to name a few: Seizoh Ebisubashi, Gengoroh Tagame, Banjyaku, Go Fujimoto, Kazuhide Ichikawa, Kenta, Takeshi Matsu, Gai Mizuki, Moritake, Terujirou, Noda Gaku, Mura and SUV.

Each profile begins with a statement from the artist on his work, before going on to discuss their beginnings in manga, influences, and which of their own works are their favorites. Later in the book, questions posed to the artists about publishing and the manga-making process yield some fascinating responses. 

The French edition concludes with a glossary of Japanese words and a selection of strips from Venezuelan artist Anfelo’s hilarious comic “Bara Logic.” The Japanese edition of the book, titled Bara ha Barabara Da (バラはバラバラだwhich was released last fall, ends instead with a Japanese-language comic by Fabrissou. I’ll post photos of the Japanese version next!

Go check out Fabrissou’s store and while you’re there, check out the brand new 7th issue of his great comic series Dokkun!

Who Gets the New Hire? (新入社員は誰のモノ?), 2012 by Terujirou (晃次郎) Now...

Who Gets the New Hire? (新入社員は誰のモノ?), 2012 
by Terujirou (晃次郎)

Now available as a digital doujinshi on Terujirou’s BOOTH page.