The great thing about film photography is the anticipation of the...

The great thing about film photography is the anticipation of the medium giving you something beyond your expectations, and that the expectations mount as you wait for your ideas to process in the film itself. These 35mm photos, shot by Michael Burke, of our MASSIVE x WISEMEN party for The Passion Bag designed by The Henry and inspired by Gengoroh Tagame, perfectly encapsulate the sordid humor of playing at night. We think the imperfections of film–a quality no Snapchat or IG filter can capture–are a perfect twist to our bondage thematic, like the grooves fixed into your skin after being tied up for exactly the right length of time. 

Thanks to Michael for these photos, to Tyler J Ashley’s Baby Tea (and his Rigger, Vincent!) for hosting with the absolute moistest, to DJ Adi A DJ for sending us into an Italo-disco wonderland, Carolelyn at Wisemen and the teams at Geeks Out and Material Vodka for making this party, well…MASSIVE. To Davis and Jin for dancing their butts off, and of course for The Henry and Tagame-sensei for staging the passions of cruelty with us.

The PASSION BAG from MASSIVE GOODSinspired by international gay...

inspired by international gay manga master Gengoroh Tagame
designed and hand-tied by The Henry