Excerpts from Lost Virgin, 2013 Collection of artwork by SUV...

Excerpts from Lost Virgin, 2013 
Collection of artwork by SUV

Prompted by the success of his online manga series Virgin Killer, SUV put together Lost Virgin, an exhibition of artwork based on his web comic.That exhibition toured eight different cities in Japan between 2011 and 2013 before becoming a physical book in December 2013, available at retailers including Big Gym and Mandarake

Now all 20 pages of SUV's Lost Virgin are available as a digital download through Pixiv's BOOTH storefront as well as Digiket!

Excerpt from Virgin KillerManga by SUV The magazine stand as a...

Excerpt from Virgin Killer
Manga by SUV

The magazine stand as a space for cruising, facilitated by the fictional “C-men” magazine.