The annual Tom of Finland Art Fair is returning to TOM House this...

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The annual Tom of Finland Art Fair is returning to TOM House this year:

Situated on a quiet street in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, TOM House is the site where the artist Tom of Finland lived and worked for the last decade of his life, producing the erotic drawings for which he was internationally renowned. Preserved in homage to Tom, the House is visited by fans from around the world. The House also remains a home for the operations of the Tom of Finland Foundation, whose archives comprise the world’s largest repository of erotic art.

If you’re at all interested in Tom of Finland or the legacy of gay erotic art in general, I highly recommend taking a pilgrimage to the TOM House! I’ve been a handful of times and always have a great time. Peruse the Tom of Finland Foundation tag to see photos I took of some of the amazing Japanese gay erotic art they have in their archives.

The Tom of Finland Art Fair, happening October 4th and 5th, 2014, is a great excuse to check out the house! If you’re an artist yourself, apply to participate in the fair here.

Also, check out the foundation’s Emerging Artist Competition! Deadline: November 3rd, 2014.