The great gay rapper Cazwell had a shamefully homophobic...

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The great gay rapper Cazwell had a shamefully homophobic encounter with the airline Delta when he wore this T-Shirt featuring artwork by Jiraiya (児雷也) from MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony’s 2014 collection, at LaGuardia airport in New York. From Cazwell’s Instagram:

@cazwellnyc: So I actually really love @delta I fly with them all the time. However I was seriously harassed by Jerrett who manages at @delta in Laguardia Terminal C who stopped me and said “I find that shirt offensive and inappropriate and I will not allow you to board the plane unless you take it off” he was really going out of his way to try to embarrass me and not let me on the plane. He spent a lot of time following me and making sure I kept a hoodie on. He also printed up a copy of my ticket and put it in his pocket which I thought was really weird and creepy. Is it me or is something wrong here?

Yes, there absolutely is something wrong here. No one should be singled out and harassed for wearing a piece of clothing that depicts LGBTQ desire. It’s harmless pin up art that celebrates the beauty of a man’s body. Apparently this non-heteronormative perspective is “offensive” to some uptight ticket agents at LaGuardia airport, but these puritanical petty tyrants should keep their homophobic art criticisms to themselves rather than policing what their customers wear. Delta owes Cazwell an apology.