This year, mangaka Kumada Poohsuke (熊田プウ助) and Okubo NEW (大久保ニュー)...

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This year, mangaka Kumada Poohsuke (熊田プウ助) and Okubo NEW (大久保ニュー) have been co-hosting (in various fierce drag looks) a series of live drawing events at Yoru no Hirune(よるのひるね), a nocturnal used bookstore and restaurant open from 8:30pm to 2:00am.

The latest event, which took place on August 31st, was also a release party for two new doujinshi by Kumada Poohsuke: Dreams of the New Century Theatre 1 (夢の新世紀シアター1), a 72-page personal story originally serialized in Samson magazine; and Guruman (グルまん), a 26-page culinary-themed comical collaboration with Okubo NEW. Both are available through Big Gym.

via Kumada Poohsuke’s Blog (see also: Poohsuke’s Tumblr) and Okubo NEW’s Blog