Time Capsule (タイムカプセル), 2014 Manga by Kuro Nohara (野原くろ)...

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Time Capsule (タイムカプセル), 2014 
Manga by Kuro Nohara (野原くろ) 
Soundtrack CD by cali≠gari

Page Count: 548 pages 
Dimensions: 5.8" x 8.25" 
Language: Japanese 
Release Date: (second edition) August 13, 2014 
Publisher: B&B Comics

Kuro Nohara’s definitive omnibus, Time Capsule, collects 27 of the mangaka’s best comics from the 1990s, many of which were originally published in the late Barazoku magazine. Nohara’s unmistakable style employs a light touch to highlight the sweet, tender moments of adolescent romance. This collection is accompanied by a CD featuring original music by the legendary visual kei rock band cali≠gari!