Tokyo Recap: Big Gym Pickups Edition! I could spend all my money...

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Tokyo Recap: Big Gym Pickups Edition!

I could spend all my money at Big Gym and I pretty much did. I made three trips to the store while in Tokyo, including when I darted through the rain just hours before my return flight, to pick up the Kuro Nohara (野原くろ)-drawn Big Gym calendar page for January 2015.

On the 1st of each month in 2015, the store will release the next month’s calendar drawn by a mystery mangaka, and you can collect them all in a little plastic jewel case! The calendars come free with ¥1000+ purchase, so I bought a cute fundoshi and made sure to take home a copy of the fundoshi-tying instruction manual. 

Other fun stuff:

  • A hand fan advertising Ueno Cave, the bathhouse next door to Big Gym’s Ueno location. All of Ueno Cave’s graphic design and promo flyers feature original artwork by Go Fujimoto (藤本郷).
  • Big Gym’s new print edition of Seizoh Ebisubashi (戎橋政造)’s manga Mr. Tokugawa, Fifth Grade, Room 4, Homeroom Teacher (五年四組徳川先生), originally released digitally, and included in English translation in the Massive anthology.
  • Pure (ピュア), a collaborative doujinshi including work by Kaz Ichikawa (市川和秀)
  • The first volume of Hiko (ヒコ)’s sexy manga Country Life (舎暮し), published by Furukawa Shobou.
  • Fumi Miyabi (文雅) gave us the first two volumes of his great series about contemporary gay life, Back Alley of Bunga Temple (路地裏の文雅堂), and there were also copies on shelves at Big Gym. 
  • I finally got Takaku Nozomu (高玖のぞむ)’s Minna Yatteru Ka? (みんなヤってるか?), the one with the hot sunburned fat guy on the cover! 
  • White Polo Shirt Daddy (白いポロシャツとオヤジ), the new doujinshi by Satoru Sugajima (菅嶋さとる), made for Ossan Paradise!