Tokyo Recap: Kaigai Manga Festival Edition! Although it only used...

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Tokyo Recap: Kaigai Manga Festival Edition!

Although it only used a fraction of the space that Comiket occupies at Tokyo Big Sight, I felt overwhelmed at first, by the size and scope of Kaigai. I was happy to discover that in the middle of this huge hall, there’s a small roped off “library” area with sample books from each of the vendors scattered on tabletops. The tables each correspond to a grouping of tables, so if you find something you like you can go track it down fairly easily. On one of these tables, the beautifully rendered work of Neru no Daisuki (ネルノダイスキ) stood out to me– so I went to the  corresponding quadrant and picked up a copy from him in person. 

While working the MASSIVE booth, mangaka and zinester Yuutan (夕タン) took a picture of Anne and me and gave us free copies of her endearing and abstract slice-of-life manga series, Yocchi. I found her table later and bought another installment of Yocchi’s comical adventures. 

I got a couple great publications from Christopher and Miles at the TCAF booth, including a beautiful Taiyo Matsumoto exhibition catalogue!

Gengoroh Tagame introduced me to his friend Zin (a.k.a. Creed), a female mangaka who’s had a fascinating career spanning a number of genres. Most recently she’s been drawing manga for gay magazines like Comic G.G. and self-published doujinshi with male-male subject matter. Her sexy and charming work can be found on Pixiv and Tumblr, and for sale digitally on BOOTH!