Tom Suprgeon has just posted a fascinating interview with the...

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Tom Suprgeon has just posted a fascinating interview with the awesome Anne Ishii about The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame at The Comics Reporter. Here’s one of my favorite bits:

SPURGEON:You’ve talked a couple of times now about the power with which the work hit you. In fact, according to the introductory material, Chip discovered this work after picking up and looking at it for only a couple of seconds. There is an obvious punch to Tagame’s comics. What kind of hit you about the work right away?

ISHII: [pause] Well, I think obviously the graphic nature of the content. And something about it being so outrageous, it was like listening to rap with parental advisory labels on the covers for the first time. It felt like that. It was like, “Oh, my god: dick. So much dick. So much anus.” [Spurgeon laughs] It’s so graphic. It’s visceral: you look over your shoulder, you know?

Another thing – and this is something we talk a lot about internally, and I hope it makes itself more obvious. It’s big Asian dudes. And I had never seen that. Ever. Besides maybe sumo wrestling. Depictions of Asians are by and large small, skinny, effeminate. So that was really exciting. I just felt, “Wow. Big, burly Asian dudes.”

via The Comics Reporter