Top: Fantastic Jiraiya (児雷也) fan art made by the same anonymous...

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Top: Fantastic Jiraiya (児雷也) fan art made by the same anonymous fan who, earlier this year, created a Jiraiya lamp.

Bottom: The original page from Jiraiya’s giant story “Hyakutarou versus Hyakutarou Two” (百太郎 対二百太郎), published in his 2012 collection Sanba no Karasu Extra Large Portion (三羽のカラス 特盛り).

Notes from the anonymous artist:

After seeing a page from a Jiraiya manga I was compelled to make this art. I see the mountain gods as eco characters because they are shinto gods. This painting is my way of talking to Jiraiya. Erotic art, sexual art with a message, is the next frontier. Men have especially been overwhelmed by pornography. Some men have become so desensitized that the Internet is more appealing than physical relations and I think the Internet is a kind of birth control. After watching a documentary about the waste humans create I see infants as a mountain of trash. If all humans disappeared life on Earth would flourish. If all insects disappeared life would also vanish. On the Internet ideas swarm and evolve as fast as insects. Some men being desensitized by the Internet is the price for ending sexual bigotry. The sky is from the Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky. The characters are from Japanese artist Jiraiya. The painting by myself, an American. I think all the artists on Gay Manga ignite the hearts of many people. Gay Manga is a celebration of future culture.