We’re going to win.

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Anne here. I’ve been struggling with wanting to make a statement in response to the bad news coming out of the White House, Anaheim, North Dakota, The Supreme Court, Mar A Lago, Quebec City, Virginia, North Carolina (gahhh everywhere…). My thoughts keep spinning with the possibility that the noise from a mere gay manga brand may come off as pithy. Everyone’s feelings are all so understandably raw, and I know that even an acknowledgement of hurt can feel like an insensitive gesture right now. But I feel it’s important the MASSIVE family knows that we are here, and we want to help you–specifically and broadly–in all the ways we can. So I’ll keep the statement short and simply offer some information as a gesture of the faith I have in the work we can do.

This saturnine presidency and media coverage have forced me to commit deeper soul searching than I ever thought possible, and the questions I’ve been asking myself have bordered on Socratic–Am I a good or bad person? What makes someone good/bad? How do people change? Affect change? Maybe you’re asking the same questions. So I just wanted to say to the MASSIVE family that odds are you are a good person anyway, but if you find doubt in the future and wonder where you fit in all this, you are already doing the work. It’s so important to ask questions. The scariest question I ask myself, is whether things will turn out OK, ever. 

I hope it helps knowing that as your friend, I personally believe, at least, that we are going to win. 

We win by changing the game, naming the stakes, facing our oppressors, by protecting our neighbors, by speaking truth, educating ourselves, and believing in the power of love. 


So here’s the part where I give you a list of resources. That’s my action for today. As a note: I realize there are many national organizations doing tremendous work, and we continue to support them (namely the ACLU and URGE where MASSIVE contributes a monthly donation). This is far from exhaustive, but hopefully sheds light on some areas of our community that could use the extra reflection. I also don’t pretend to know the entire inner-workings of all the resources, but this is just to say there are good people willing to help, and respond to your calls. 

Daily Action: This FB group will send you daily notifications of specific phone calls you can make to your local representatives.

Re:act Letter: Similar to Daily Action but in the form of a weekly email. Lotsa knowledge.

Rapid Response: A very comprehensive list of local anti-discrimination organizations fighting against racist anti-immigration policies through legal, activist and social initiatives.

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project: free legal services for low-income/need-based transgender individuals seeking legal representation. 

SAGE-Services and Advocacy for GLBTQI Elderly: The most vulnerable of us are frequently left behind with older age. Statistically speaking, our older LGBTQI friends are most likely to be differently abled and challenged for housing. SAGE offers countless services–from rehab and healthcare to housing and daily meal services for the queer elderly (65+).

The Trevor Project and the Trans Lifeline are crucial to any individual needing an immediate lifeline, but if you or someone you know is incarcerated, you know that emotional support from the outside can feel impossible. Black and Pink puts incarcerated LGBTQI individuals in touch with friends/supporters. (Let’s end the prison system already.)

APIQWTC (Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community) has done important work representing our comrades, and has an extensive network of resources for the API community.

I hope this message finds you well.