We’re proud to announce the Jiraiya Sweatshirt from MASSIVE!!...

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We’re proud to announce the Jiraiya Sweatshirt from MASSIVE!!

Featuring an iconic original illustration by Jiraiya (児雷也), virtuoso of Japanese gay artwork and one of our favorite artists on the planet, the sweatshirt is an ode to gachimuchi (ガチムチ) love. Here’s what Jiraiya said about the two men on the sweatshirt, Asakichi (朝吉) and Seiji (清次):

These two guys have the same muscle mass, but I’d guess different body fat percentages.

In my opinion, they’re a perfect couple. But if they fight, their house will be partially destroyed.

Be one of the first 50 people to pre-order and receive a free card signed by Jiraiya! The sweatshirts are currently being manufactured in Los Angeles and orders will begin shipping at the end of November. 

We’ll have the sample (modeled above by MASSIVE’s Anne Ishii) on display this weekend at Bent-Con. Come by and check it out!