Yakuza Godfathers (組長同士), 2013Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa...

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Yakuza Godfathers (組長同士), 2013
Doujinshi by Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀)

Kuroda and Okuma are the hardened, unyielding bosses of two rival yakuza gangs– and sworn enemies. On the recommendation of their mutual doctor, they arrange a meeting in a private hotel room. But instead of negotiating a truce, the godfathers are confronted by unexpected feelings of fondness for each other.

Page Count: 28 pages 
Dimensions: 7.17" x 10.12" 
Language: Japanese 
Release Date: December 30, 2013
Publisher: Ichikawado
Adult Content 18+

Imported directly from the author.

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