Gengoroh Tagame is a writer and artist based in Tokyo known for his dark and beautiful stories of violent desire.

He is the author of dozens of graphic novels and his artwork has been exhibited throughout the world.

His role in queer art practice is matched only by his unprecedented work in the research and archiving of gay art in Japan. Known mostly as the master of hard-core BDSM art, Tagame was incredibly and improbably the recipient of the highly-coveted Japan Media Council Award for the Arts in 2016 for an all-ages graphic novel: My Brother’s Husband (published by Pantheon in May 2017).

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Jiraiya has had cross-disciplinary appeal as an illustrator and cartoonist through the world, but only in the last two years has his work been officially introduced to Western audiences. Many will recognize his photorealistic portraits of gachimuchi (buff-and-chubby) hunks. His comics style incorporates humor and whimsy to serious and delicate subjects featuring larger-than-life characters, including Seiji and Asakichi, featured in the Best Couple. He’s been the subject of two collections for MASSIVE x Opening Ceremony. You can follow him at his blog.



Known for his exquisite draughtsmanship, Seizoh Ebisubashi works in analog as well as in digital formats, but all of his work share the endearing qualities of rotund dad-bods and the extremes of multiple player power play and bondage. Ebisubashi is an illustrator from the generation of Tagame and Jiraiya, and works also as a theater director. He posts frequently at his Tumblr where fans can peruse his sketchbooks and updates on publications.



Inu Yoshi is a romantic and his work shows how much so. By day he is a graphic designer for Big Gym–the most expansive gay retailer in Japan–and by trade, he makes comics and art about gay coupledom in all its simple, charming and honest glory. He says he doesn’t consider himself adept at depicting otherworldly  sex, excelling instead at depicting the home-bound intimacy of people in love. Check out his dojinshi and illustrations at the digital manga marketplace Pixiv, and follow his frequent musings via Twitter!



Rokudenashiko is a multi-disciplinary artist and mangaka, best known for "vagina art" that eventually landed her in jail and caused an uproarious obscenity case, which she catalogs in What is Obscenity by Koyama Press. 

Her work transgresses traditional feminism, through manko art (pussy art). Rokudenashiko seeks a new vernacular for feminist art and manga, by means of cute culture and humor. She is the subject of no fewer than four documentaries, and has been featured in the media across the globe, including in the BBC, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Globe and Mail, The Japan Times, and in The Daily Beast, linked below.

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