More and More of You by Takeshi Matsu

More and More of You by Takeshi Matsu


MORE AND MORE OF YOU is a collection of stories culminating around the titular "More and More of You."  Indie artist Takeshi Matsu has been widely published in gay Japanese magazines and books, but it’s in his prolific self-published work that we enjoy the greatest range of styles: from the sweet illicit romances of high school seniors in "More and More of You" to the homoerotic Journey to the West parody, "Go West," and four-frame gag comics in "Tales from the Kitchen." Find out what makes Takeshi Matsu one of Japan’s favorite sweethearts and irresistible to the rest of the world.

"In Takeshi Matsu’s manga, we see the kind of men we know (or at least wish we did) having fun, playful sex. This lovemaking has emotional depth without baggage. The carefree erotic fantasies of these charming characters aren’t just thoroughly entertaining—they belong in the mainstream gay erotic canon." — Gengoroh Tagame

Page Count: 160 pages 

Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.7 x 0.7"
Language: English
Translation: Anne Ishii
Pub Date: November 2014
Publisher: Bruno Gmünder
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